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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Any y'all from West Virginia?

This was posted as a bulletin on Myspace by Rhodell VFD West Virginia. I've put it here to help spread the word.

Rhodell VFD needs your help.

“One cannot underestimate the impact of Hatfield-McCoy trail system on our economy in southern West Virginia…. From 2000-2002…. 55 reported accidents”. - WVSMA President Ron D. Stollings, M.D.

What a statement from a doctor from CAMC in 2004, can you imagine? Can you imagine the accidents that will be in the new Burning Rock ATV trail in Raleigh County? A part of which will be serviced for rescue by the Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department.

The director of Burning Rock has estimated the beginning trail system to contain well over 80 miles of trails. From family to hard scaled trails for riders. A camping area, stores, fueling station, and many other conveniences for the enjoyment of the ATV riders. But consideration for their medical welfare is being neglected. One medical ATV for one fire department, will that be enough?

What about the areas in our department’s rescue area? Are we to walk in, use our large 1 ton vehicle rescue truck, or just not respond?

The Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department needs your help to purchase a medical rescue ATV for this purpose. It may not be you that we help, but it could be your brother, sister, father, mother, son, or daughter.

“It's interesting that in southern West Virginia, where more ATV deaths occur than in any other part of the state, they also have the Hatfield McCoy trail which has had only 2 deaths on the past 5 years at the trail” - Norbert Federspiel

The Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department takes its responsibility seriously. With the knowledge of the trail, firefighters of the department are in enrolling in ATV, search and rescue classes, and first responder courses to prepare for opening day of the trail in July of 2008. Our members would like your support in preparing for this economic growth in the area by helping purchase a medical ATV.

“The ATV traveled 100 feet over the embankment, striking several trees. Sunday’s accident is only the fourth fatality in the seven year history of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System.” - Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority

The benefits of the medical ATV will not only be realized at Burning Rock, but in all other areas we cover and have aid agreements with other fire departments.

“Fatal ATV accidents have increased in West Virginia, with a total of 134 deaths since 2004 - including a record 54 in 2006.Nearly two-thirds of the fatalities recorded between 2005 and 2007 occurred on paved roads, according to a study commissioned by the Manchin administration” -WV Gazette

The benefits will be realized in time, rapid response to the inevitable is vital to the welfare and health of those who fall victim to accidents on ATVs. Please support our efforts by donating a generous portion to the purchase. The members of the Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department thank you for your consideration and support.

Please send donations to:
Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department
ATV Fund
P.O.Box 201Rhodell, WV 25915

Or call 304-683-3420 for more information